16.1 (Spring 1990)



William Doreski, “His Own Country: Robert Lowell in Maine”

James A. Stevenson, “Southern Fictions about Abraham Lincoln”


Joe Benevento, “What He Wanted”

Jim Finley, “Between Then and Now”


Glen Armstrong, “The Radiant Fade”

Ken Butler, “Still Watching the Loss,” “In the Rhododendron Dell”

Walter Cannon, “Henry’s Scar,” “Piano Moving”

Leslie Foster, “Rows and Columns”

Tom Hansen, “Six Transgressions from the Portuguese”

Jack Hart, “As a Woodcock to Mine Own Springe”

Jack Harvey, “Bayreuth,” “Music Hath Charm,” “Idle Hands,” “Dearth”

Dick Heaberlin, “Refuge,” “Prana”

Ray Hinman, “The Ex-Missionary Learns Mexico”

Kip Knott, “What the Bat Taught Me,” “Leaving the Ruins”

Thomas Kretz, “The Reason Why Graces Fervently Said”

Walter Kuchinsky, “Little Things,” “Swings”

Elva Lauter, “Persephone’s Journey,” “Cassandra’s Bet”

Edward Lynskey, “After Berrypicking,” “Fencerows”

Karen Pelz, “In Cave Country,” “Phoenix”

Jonathan Russell, “Swansong of the Clipper,” “When the Milklight Breaks on the Moon’s Dead Eye,” “Arctic Gambler,” “Sleepwalks the Redhead Night”

Conrad Shumaker, “Virgin of the Tennis Court”

Noel Valis, “Athens, Georgia”

Mary Vanek, “The Slime Monster”

Don Welch, “Elegy for a High Plains Hunter, 1903-1987”