16.2 (Fall 1990)



Paul H. Lorenz, “Margaret Drabble’s The Realms of Gold: Empedocles and the Family as Applied Archeology”

Giles Mitchell, “Hedda Gabler’s Pathological Narcissism and Suicide”

Paul Rea, “Rural Tuscany: Transforming Nature into Art”


Andrea Blumenfeld, “Language of Families”

William T. Price, “Smokers Sometimes Win”

Ita Sheres, “He Who Trembles Is Not Bored”

Lewis Shiner, “Match”


Michael Antman, “At the Milan Zoo,” “Two Unequal Parts”

Richard Bauerle, “Thoreau’s Long Narrow Box,” “William Faulkner’s Bumps and Bruises”

Gay Brewer, “Ojos Zarcos”

Kim Bridgford, “The Arranger,” “The Last Wish”

Michael Busby, “Escape of the Blue Ticks,” “Reasons and Rationales”

Paul David Colgin, “Details at Ten,” “Private Ceremony”

Harry Dawson, “London Underground,” “Speakers Corner”

Peter A. Duval, “Reading the Day Purple”

John P. Freeman, “Sunday Afternoon at the Old Pro’s,” “Flight”

Christopher D. Guerin, “Close and Soon”

Rich Haydon, “Death of the King,” “What Flows Out to Sea Each Day”

W. Dale Hearell, “For Stella”

Charlie G. Hughes, “Forbidden Waters,” “Black Dwarf”

Deborah Kroman, “Old Plates”

Andrea C. Mathews, “Justice”

Ardath Mayhar, “Catching Grampa”

Jane McClellan, “Vespers”

Errol Miller, “Far From Home”

Karl Miller, “Crucifix”

B. Z. Niditch, “Second Voice,” “Harvard Square”

Margaret S. Shippen, “Meanwhile at the Cage and Grill”

Justin Spring, “Nuclear Report,” “Stories,” “Players”

Martha M. Vertreace, “Anniversary,” “What Matter”

Edward Willey, “Inside Out,” “S. Johnson,” “Working-Class Relics”

Jeffrey Woodward, “I Know a House,” “Scarecrows”

Charlotte M. Wright, “Medicine Hill”