17.1 (Spring 1991)



Megan Francis Edward Abernethy, LaVerne Harrell Clark, Erica Craig, Pat Evans, David Jurkiewicz, Larry Ketchum, Barney Nelson, Allen Richman, Florence Rossi, Mark Rossi, Paul Rossi, Jim Snyder, Rondalea Stark


Max Evans, “Sam Peckinpah: Outlaw of Celluloid”

Dick Heaberlin, “Cowboy Dialect in Andy Adams’ Campfire Tales

Archie P. McDonald, “Lonesome Dove and Larry McMurtry: Personal Reflections”

Clay Reynolds, “Trout Fishing in Texas”

Frank Waters, “Words”


Lenore Carroll, “Letter Home”

L. D. Clark, “Ghost Town”

William Eastlake, “Red Muslims and Uncle Tomahawks”

David Jurkiewicz, “The Rise and Fall of Joe Normalkowski”

Mary Vanek, “True Love”


Hugh Abernethy, “Pueblos and Oppenheimer”

Gilbert Benton, “The Hydraulic Log Splitter”

Jerry Bradley, “Waltzing the Arroyos,” “New Year’s Day, Bosque del Apache Refuge”

Michael Busby [1954-1990], “The Night Across West Texas”

Grace Butcher, “Voice From the Ruins”

Lynne B. Butler, “Looking for Eagles,” “Coyotes”

Robert W. Clark, “Travel Saints,” “AlCan,” “Passage with glaciers”

Tony Clark, “Roping Corrals,” “Barrel Racer,” “Riding the Line in Deep East Texas”

Marcyn Del Clements, “Caruther’s Canyon,” “Last Dream Before Morning”

Paul David Colgin, “Creed”

Mark Cunningham, “Early January”

Juan Delgado, “My Father’s Backyard,” “My Father Was Driving Us to America”

Allison Deputy, “The Rhododendrun Speaks to the Redwood,” “On an Angry Horse Before a Narrow Road Lined with Barbed Wire Fencing”

Suanne Doak, “Visit”

B. H. Fairchild, “Strength,” “The Doppler Effect”

Thomas Hornsby Ferril [1896-1978], “Elegy—New Mexico,” “Magenta,” “Metamorphosis: 1806”

Ray Gonzalez, “Sounds from the Cactus Thorn,” “Sitting Outside the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado, a White Butterfly Lands on My Shoulder,” “The Cathedral of My Father,” “The Snake in Winter”

John Gorman, “Local History,” “Directives”

Tom Hansen, “Would-Be Cowboy Belly-Button Deep”

Mike Hobbs, “Rodeo Rider,” “Big Sky”

James Hoggard, “The Errand,” “In the Chiaroscuro of the Years”

Don A. Hoyt, “Visiting the Gulf”

Judson Jerome, “Oil of the Pecos Valley,” “Pecos Landscape”

S. M. Judice, “Winter Woodducks: A Parable”

Laura Kennelly, “Flash Flood”

Ulf Kirchdorfer, “Ambition,” “Washing the Marlboro Man’s Feet,” “Important Regional Experience / Poem”

Arthur Winfield Knight, “Doc Holliday: Drunk,” “Pat Garrett: The Job”

Walter McDonald, “Living on Hardscrable,” “The Digs in Escondido Canyon,” “Black Wings Wheeling,” “Honky-Tonk Blues”

Bruce McGinnis, “The Plainsman”

Joseph Colin Murphey, “Never a Trade-In”

Barney Nelson, “Jinete”

Violette Newton, “The New Class,” “The Airport in Albuquerque,” “The Streets of Fort Worth”

Tom Padgett, “Oklahoma News”

Meredith Picard, “Spring Storm”

Cleatus Rattan, “A Place for Philosophers,” “A Farewell Party”

Del Marie Rogers, “Crooked Tree”

Gary S. Rosin, “Intersections”

Conrad Shumaker, “Rattlers”

Justin Spring, “Carol Gillespie”

Sheryl St. Germain, “Dallas Texas: Not From a Native Daughter”

Denise Stallcup, “The Sotol Vista,” “The Bread of Dreams”

Elizabeth Tallent, “Eleven Buffalo Prayers”

Mary Vanek, “Winter Feeding on the Four Sixes,” “August in Northwest Texas”

Tino Villanueva, “El Mandado,” “En el Claroscuro de los Años”

C. J. Wells, “The Cowboy Talks of Poetry,” “Reason for Leaving”

Terry Wiggs, “On the Mesa”

Peter Wild, “Frontiersmen”

Chris Willerton, “Learning to Wear the Ring”

David Yates, “Dickey’s Announcement,” “Sign Along U. S. 90 Alternate,” “The Day Jesus Came to Gonzalez, Texas,” “Song for Old Buffaloes Like Me”


Francis Edward Abernethy, Neal Morgan’s Karankawa County: Short Stories from a Corner of Texas

Terence Dalrymple, Judy Alter’s Elmer Kelton and West Texas: A Literacy Relationship

Gerald M. Lacy, Clay Reynolds, Editor. Taking Stock: A Larry McMurtry Casebook