17.2 (Fall 1991)



Robert F. Gish, “Poet in Adobia: Witter Bynner’s Indian Earth

Donald Guterriez, “‘The Holiness of the Real’: The Short Poems of Kenneth Rexroth”

Neal B Houston and James R. Speer, “Sex and Love in Hemingway’s ‘The Sea Change'”

Bradford T. Stull, “Who is Kenneth Rexroth?”


Paul M. Grunwell, “I Can’t Get Started (With You)”

J. Sanderson, “Boomtimes”

Chet Williamson, “Communion”


Steve Carter, “Do People Really Die?”

Robert Cooperman, “Byron, Dying at Missolonghi,” “Linnett Sparks Remembers Her Younger Sister, Colorado Territory, 1875”

Harry D. Dawson, “Metamorphosis II: How I Turned into a Sociologist”

Daniel Green, “Etaoin Shrdlu”

Robin Gwen, “Jam (and a Pillow Slightly Included)”

Jack D. Harvey, “A Valediction Forbidding Whoring”

Archibald Henderson, “Landing,” “Fantasy on a Routine Stop”

Charles G. Hughes, “In Milosz’s Margins (The Perils or Patronizing Perveyors of Pre-Owned Paperback Publications)

John Kennedy, “A Wanderer at a Holocaust Memorial,” “When Push Comes to Shove”

Shiela Killingsworth, “And The Policeman Brought Us Boxcars*”

Herb Kitson, “Ideas to Take Home (from the Youngstown States University Peer Tutor Conference),” “Cat Nap”

Nessi Kopitz, “The Old Poetess”

Lucinda Mason, “Roofs”

Katherine McAlpine, “Where Down East Begins”

D. Messer Meeks, “Bing Cherries, Purple Plums”

Michael S. Mew, “Roaring All the Day Long”

William Miller, “The Moons of Jupiter”

Ray Mizer, “Solvents,” “Outrage”

George Perreault, “Summer Heat”

Peter J. Pochylski, “Silent Night”

Frank Praeger, “Measured Delirium”

Raymond Saint-Pierre, “Mishima”

Patsy Sanford, “Convoy”

Tharin Williamson, “Magdalen”


Marie Schein, Bernd C. Peyer, ed. The Singing Spirit: Early Short Stories by North American Indians