18.1 (Spring 1992)



Michael V. Angrosino, “Benjy’s Tale: Faulkner and the Sociolinguistics of Mental Retardation”

Leonard A. Cheever, “Saul Bellow and John Updike: Will the Real Misogynist Please Stand Up?”


Mark Avenell, “Circle of Now”

Jerry Craven, “A Magic Pig in Bali”

Jim Finley, “Rainy Day Dimes”

David Mouat, “A Low Flat Plane, Nearly as High as Heaven, Home on Earth”

Daniel Pearlman, “The Drang of Speaking Forth”


Cyd Adams, “Chicken Shit,” “Webwire”

Louise Allin, “Turtle Pool”

Kim Bridgford, “Against Color,” “Suddenly”

Dorothy Howe Brooks, “Simple Fracture”

Sean Brendan Brown, “Blue China,” “Yellow Wolf in Hollywood”

Richard Davignon, “Devil Captured See Page 3”

Suanne Doak, “Swallows”

Lewis Horne, “The Text of Scene and Season,” “A Kind of Blindness,” “Des Abends”

Beth Houston, “Roman De La Rose”

Jim Linebarger, “Trying to Meditate,” “For Dad”

Susan Litwack, “Arrivals, Departures”

Doug Martin, “In Response to My Modeling at the Oldest Catholic Women’s College in America,” “Isabelle Rimbaud at Her Brother’s Death-bed: The Hospital of the Immaculate Conception”

Jane McClellan, “The Year of Letting Go”

Bernard E. Morris, “Not Deep Enough”

Robert Nagler, “Force, silence,” “Men with machine guns, men with machine guns”

Debbie Nance, “Housework”

B. Z. Niditch, “1945”

Carol Coffee Reposa, “Winged Victory,” “Facts of Life”

Jonathan Russell, “Love’s Anesthetist,” “Half Earth and Half Heaven”

Sandra Farmer Stanley, “Razing the Past,” “PINEbirchPINE”

David Starkey, “Basil the Bulgar-Slayer (966-1025)

Harding Stedler, “Coos Replaced by Quiet”

Lee Sullenger, “Tight at Scholz’s”

David Sumner, “Father Snoring”

Shelley Thrasher, “Lover of Greeks and Words”

B. D. Trail, “The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living,” “My father who art in heaven why did you paint your toes?” “Conditioned Response”

Phileman Waitts, “the polka”

Philip A. Waterhouse, “Monroe-built”

Danny White, “Discovering Truth on the Backroads of Oconee County”

Gail White, “The Gypsy Woman Tells Your Fortune,” “Why Poets Drink: An Essay”


Paul Rea, River of Traps: A Village Life by William de Buys and Alex Harris

Clay Reynolds, A Sunrise Brighter Still: The Visionary Novels of Frank Waters by Alexander Blackburn