18.2 (Fall 1992)



Paul H. Lorenz, “‘In the Memories of Their Blood’: N. Scott Momaday’s The Ancient Child


Hugh Abernethy, Jr., “Planted Papers”

Andrea Blumenfeld, “Have Not”

Lou Fisher, “Patchwork”

Jack Hettinger, “Mustard Seed”

Arthur Winfield Knight, “The Summer I Decided to Die”

Ardath Mayhar, “Heavy, Heavy Hangs Over Your Head”

Robert Winship, “Manual Dexterity”

Paul B. Womack, “RoadKillWear”

R. Scott Yarbrough, “The Minotaur”


Joan Adley, “3 A.M.”

Joe Benevento, “On the Rights of Women Not to Have to Sleep With Creeps,” “What Our Love Could Be Like”

Floyd Brigdon, “Alice in Wasteland”

Robert Cooperman, “Keats Sees the Unsold Copies of His Endymion

Cynthia de Geus, “Not Knowing,” “Prostitute Song,” “Summer Hill”

Robert A. Fink, “Boy at Thirteen: 1959”

Joyce Frazeur, “Limboland for Fish”

Jack Hart, “The Parts of a Scythe,” “The Mill of the Gods”

Judy Klare, “The Difference Between Men and Women,” “A Wedding in a Federal Hearing Room in New Orleans”

Thomas Kretz, “1906,” “Edible Words”

Muriel Marshall, “Eye on the Ball”

Neill Megaw, “Caste System,” “Ripeness Is All”

Errol Miller, “Palace of Smoky Light”

Robert Nagler, “Cut Outs,” “Softball in a Year of Drought”

Fernand Roqueplan, “Don’t Ask What That Paneling is For,” “The Caprice of Antique Rhythms,” “Grief,” “Don’t Know Him Too Far”

Jonathan Russell, “One Afternoon Off an English Shore”

Diana Sher, “Where the Colors Were”

Jim Thomas, “Night Rider,” “Fall Seeds”

Larry D. Thomas, “As the Wind Blows,” “Poinsettias”

Lou Thompson, “People Who Live Alone,” “On the Death of a Hanging Plant At the Good Sam Nursing Home”

John Wilder, “The challenge of resignation:”

R. Scott Yarbrough, “I Respect My Father”


Stephen Unsino, (Translated from Alexander Blok) “Confusion,” “On This Side and That”