19.1 (Spring 1993)



David Parnell, “A Hawthornian Analysis of Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls


Sean Brendan Brown, “Kat’s House”

Robert Flynn, “Defender of the Faith”

Hugh Fox, “Unaccompanied Cadenza”

Sam Pond, “Resurrection”


Barton Allen, “Eternal Elephants,” “Risking Impotence in the Spanish Piazza”

Frank Appleby, “Garden Dream,” “Second Season”

Glen Armstrong, “Be True to Your School,” “Telemachus”

Joel Barr, “By Morning,” “Something Now Missing,” “The Common Wisdom”

Charles Behlen, “Charlie Parker”

A. C. Brocki, “Apprehension,” “Daily Grace”

Sean Brendan Brown, “Quiet, Courteous Performer,” “An Irish Nun at Ypres, 1917”

Martha Elizabeth, “Godspeed: For Mam-ma”

May Granata, “Pousse Café”

Archibald Henderson, “Changing the Rules”

Will Inman, “Refugees at Desert Borders,” “Grandmother Owl Black Rainbow Bird and Red-Tail Hawk”

Allison Joseph, “Island: Two Voices”

Mahdy Y. Khaiyat, “Nice,” “Delivered with Pinpoint Precision,” “Mandolin”

Merrell Knighten, “Three Moods of Mockingbird,” “Musing, Yorick Passes”

David Levine, “Flowers”

Edward C. Lynskey, “Recollecting Scenes,” “Along the Sawmill Road”

Angela Consolo Mankiewicz, “Dear Mother: Advice From a Middle-Aged Child”

Nancy Mikita, “The Setting, the Glue”

William Miller, “Drawing the Castle,” “Christmas Day, 1935”

Brian Ownbey, “About the Death of the Temporary Conductor,” “The Necessary Long Time”

Charlotte Renk, “Your Mother’s Death Is In Our Bed”

Stephen Runkle, “Lake Forest Couple Killed in Fire,” “London One Rainy Autumn Evening”

James Schofield, “A Man”

Diana Sher, “Where the Colors Were”

Jim Thomas, “Old Saw,” “Map Blues”

Brad Wilcox, “Oleanders,” “The Groundskeeper,” “Alpaca, Alpaca”


W. Dale Hearell, “A Bright, Tragic Thing” by L. D. Clark

Edward C. Lynskey, “More Shapes Than One,” by Fred Chappell