19.2 (Winter 1993-94)


This issue of REAL is dedicated to Joseph Colin Murphey [1915 – 1993]
“Poet, Consulting Editor, Mentor to Many Writers”


Arthur Brakel, “The Poetic Experience”

Gwendolyn Morgan, “Early English Women’s Voices, including ‘A Woman’s Complaint’ and ‘Wulf and Eadwacer,’Trans. Morgan and Brian McAllister

Paul Rea, “Sacred Places on a Living Planet”


Patricia Jean Lambert, “The Knife”

Daniel Pearlman, “The Heart of the Overchild”

Michael Ben Zev, “Taking Stock”

Richard C. Zimler, “The Slow Mirror”


Cyd Adams, “For Jack ‘Red Eagle’ Reese: In Memory,” “Belongathon”

Barton Allen, “Dry Season,” “Midnight in the Clock Work Shop,” “Bright Crossing,” “The New Hampshire Horse”

Evelyn Corry Applebee, “Your Place,” “At Morning”

Luisa Assis, “Solitary,” “Solitária,” “Our Wombs:,” “Nossos ventres:”

Jeanne Stephens Attaway, “Gray Stone”

Kim Bridgford, “Carpe Diem,” “Ponies”

Robert Brown, “The Harvest: Salem, Ohio”

Michael Bugeja, “Brainchild,” “Prayer: for my surviving children”

Lynne Butler, “Stone Boats”

R. L. Cook, “Girl-Friend,” “Morning”

Robert Cooperman, “From Sophia Starling,” “War Wounds”

Chad Davis, “Solitude, or Reassuring My Humanity”

Paul Dilsaver, “Floating”

Gerald George, “Resurrection,” “Visiting Home: Five Views of the World”

Jim Henley, “A Fisher of Men”

Roger Jones, “Small Lines”

Joyce La Mers, “Storm Without an Eye,” “The Disappearance”

Kenneth Leonhardt, “Writing for Godot”

Muriel Marshall, “Attic Mind”

Ardath Mayhar, “The Circle in the Wood”

Michael B. McMahon, “Holy Writ”

Beverly Merrick, “The Surveyor”

Karl Miller, “Communion: 7 & 37”

Ray Mizer, “A Zinger for Every Eratophile”

Joseph Colin Murphey, “Dance: Soft-Shoe Routine on the Platform of the Scaffold,” “Where Nothing Can Pass Away”

Peter Pochylski, “Lifespan”

Dave Oliphant, “In Memorian: Joseph Colin Murphy 1915-1993,” “Murphey’s Law”

Spencer Reece, “Oklahoma City”

M. A. Schaffner, “Crossing Key Bridge in Snowfall”

David Stephenson, “Uncle Herb”

Jim Thomas, “Desert Meeting Lake,” “Limiting”

Philip A. Waterhouse, “Native Music”