20.1 (Summer 1994)



Catherine A. Civello, “‘Put a Pretty Face On It:’ Stevie Smith and Anti-Semitism”

Robert C. Evans and Kurt R. Niland, “Quintilian and Jonson on the Deaths of Sons”

Donald Gutierrez, “Natural Supernaturalism as Mystical Love: Kenneth Rexroth’s Lyric from The Morning Star


Paul Forster, “Dynamite Angel”

Mary Obropta, “The Heroine”


Dan Albergotti, III, “Savior,” “Private Albergotti”

Philip Anderson, “Drummer Drumming”

Lynne Burris Butler, “Sunday Afternoons With Tolstoy”

Joe Butson, “Losing the Early Heroes,” “Hermit Crabs Can’t Fly”

Grant Clauser, “The Obsessiveness of Winter Birds,” “Bird In Hand,” “Waiting for a Flood,” “Album”

Christine Delea, “Sestina”

John Alan Douglas, “Percy Bysshe Shelley as Doormat”

Henry Fischer, “Le Vent,” “The Wind”

Sister Lou Ella Hickman, “never met praise I didn’t like,” “on poetry reviews in ads”

Marvin Lauderdale, “My First Kiss”

Deanna Kern Ludwin, “Transgression at St. Mary’s College,” “Revising Browning: Porphyria Escapes (Her Ex-Lover Writes to her from Prison),” “White House Etiquette”

Thomas Marron, “Slow Waking to a Free-fall”

M. Minford Meas, “Arc de Triomphe,” “Stopping By,” “Mononychus olecranus”

Bern Mulvey, “Moving In,” “The Parade”

Violette Newton, “Some Nights She Dreams,” “Dos Passos in the College,” “Breakfast Room, SFA”

B. Z. Niditch, “ПАМЯТИ ЂОРИϹА ПАϹТЕРНАКА,” “On the Eve”

Lynn Rozewicz, “Flight Dream to Bosnia,” “These Images I Dream”

James Scofield, “Elegy,” “Anne,” “Mogadishu, Somalia”

Larry D. Thomas, “Mockingbird,” “Near Sundown”

Anthony Walstorm, “Giotto’s Fresco Arena Chapel,” “La Piedra de Amor

Margaret Whiteneck, “Unburied Bone,” “Time in Latin America”

Edward Willey, “Matriarchs,” “Neoclassic”

Tharin Williamson, “The Sibyl of Nebulae,” “That Child,” “It Was a Thing That Could Not Go Away,” “Reverberations,” “No Tourist in Hell”