21.2 (Fall 1996)



Joan Elizabeth Blum, “No Accident”

Matt Clark, “Coyote Tree”

John M. Clarke, “why there ain’t no dogs or college people on jefferson street”

Stephanie Kaplan Cohen, “Welcome Home”

Linda L. Dunlap, “A Pair of Silk Scarfs”

Daniel R. Friedman, “John Philips”

Nan Goldberg, “The Rumpelstiltskin”

Anne Helen Jupiter, “Basic Ingredients”

Marjorie Kemper, “The Small Stuff”


Jack Kenum, “Good Timing”

Jason Hensel, “The Dancer Tries to Retire”

Graal Braun, “The Pathetic Fallacy Reconsidered,” “The Funnies”

Mack Hall, “Lent”

Robert C. Blossman, “Lock and Load Those Double-Barrelled Eyes”

Thomas A. Gribble, “Raging Bug”

Marc Swan, “Stargazer”

Gale Acuff, “Day of Rest”

Dan Albergotti, “Defined”

Jack D. Harvey, “Marsha,” “Dulce Domum”

Stephen Massamilla, “Mouth of Moses”

Cecil J. Mullins, “Investing in Modern Art,” “King Leer”

Charles H. Renning, “Our Plays Within a Play,” “A Toast”

Lynn Rozewicz, “A Mind on Ice,” “Audacious Images of Fall”

Harding Stedler, “Yesterday and Tomorrow”

Lyn Stefenhagens, “Edens,” “Song of the Turk”

Lou Thompson, “Halloween”

Fileman Waitts, “The Paleontologist”

Richard Marx Weinraub, “Sweet and Sour”

Scott Wiggerman, “Nose Ring”

Errol Miller, “Beyond the Limit of the Dream for the Magic City,” “The Pink and Grey Blues,” “Southern Living and Dying”

Michelle Langenberg, “SIGNS of a long marriage,” “Success in Failure,” “SWF Seeks”

Ann Boger, “Black Birds”


Seth Zimmerman, Dante’s Canto XXI, Inferno