22.1 (Spring 1997)


Appearing in this issue are two works eulogizing English teacher and REAL editorial assistant Margaret Steele. The cover photograph was taken by Ms. Steele.

Poem by Cyd Adams, “Steele”

Prose by Dale Hearell, “The Horse Lover: to Margaret”


Matthew F. Benedict, “Simultaneous Submission”

John M. Clarke, “Woodstock Baby”

Frederick de Luna, “For Sassy”

Nan Goldberg, “Forty”

Mark W. Jones, “Chances Are”

Charles Ordine, “Tilt”

P. J. Rondinone, “The Male Bond”


Gail Atkins, “Ceçi N’est Pas un Poeme

Todd Balazic, “l’hiver,” “winter”

Harry D. Dawson, “Rain,” “The Jet Set”

Paul Dilsaver, “Venipuncture Vixen”

Mark Emery, “Crete Myrtle”

Iris Gribble-Neal, “Burning Bush,” “Horses Were the First People”

Lyn Lifshin, “Reading the Poem My Sister Wrote That I Hadn’t,” “Kent State, May 1970,” “Orals,” “Army Brat,” “Ramona Lake,” “Poetry in the Schools, 8th Grade, Guilderland”

Erika Murphy, “Alarm Clock for Cows”

John Woodrow Presley, “Hamlet to Polonius”

Duncan Zenobia Saffir, “Cutting Down on Junk Mail”

Jerry Sexton, “Poem in the Paradigm Persona”


Leonard A. Cheever, “The Diamond Age”


Seth Zimmerman, “Canto XXXIV, Inferno”