22.2 (Fall 1997)


Criticism and Reviews

Carol Cullar, “Not a New Voice, But an Ancient One”

Dillard Tinsley, “Here and There, and Over There: But Why?”

Robert Wexelblatt, “The Königsberg of Sidney Fein


Lucas Carpenter, “It Could Happen That Way”

Jim Finley, “Works of Art”

William Herman, “Heartland”

Karl Shaddox, “White Dwarf”

Michael Smith, “A Weak Mind”

Christopher Woods, “By Heart”


Arlene Ang, “By Chance”

Thomas E. Barden, “Canoeing the Kickapoo River”

David Clink, “Rasputin, Rumpelstiltskin, and the Red Baron Go into a Bar”

Bob Elmendorf, “I am a star without astronomers,” “The Renaissance Man”

Frank Finney, “Satan on Sukhumvit Road”

Carol Hamilton, “Packaged,” “Un Gusto Adquirido”

Robert Hentz, “Food for the Gods”

David Hull, “The Trial”

Douglas R. Hux, Toothache – or Conversations with my Dentist,” “Untitled”

M. J. Kornblit, “Revelation”

J. D. Lloyd, “Desert Logic,” “The Old Tree on the Courthouse Square, Harrison County, Mississippi,” “Tracks”

Mooshe Nickel, “Christopher’s Wallet”

Gregory Muller, “Better or Worse”

Kathryn Pratt, “Lines to a Church Choir Director,” “The Dogs of Sleep,” “The Flawed”

Jean-Marc Sens, “Garlic”

Lynn Tait, “Religious Confusion,” “Eden’s Bar and Grill”

Pearl Mary Wilshaw, “Lasting Tribute”

Philip Woodrow, “PC,” “Free Enterprise”


Nancy Nieman and Susan Suntree, “Feast of the Holy Name,” “The Garden of Your Delights,” Translations by Nancy Dale Nieman and Susan Suntree of poems by Ana Rossetti