23.1 (Spring 1998)



Roy Hammond, “Get the H out of G”

Rebecca Matthews, “Jane Gilmore Rushing, A West Texas Romanticist”


Bill Embly, “Kathmandu”

Linda Kittell, “The Poetry Class Manifesto,” ” Cars”


Paul Asen, “Come to Stay”

Robert G. Cowser, “The End of the Term”

John Dublin, “Saving the Truth”

Morgan Harlow, “Volare”

Carol Wolfe Konek, “Great Mama Eye”

Peter Love, “Oblivion, Nebraska”

Jan Epton Seale, “Take Cover”

Michael W. Stewart, “Hair”

Susan Thomas, “Ties That Bind”


Cyd Adams, “Memorial Day”

Hugh Abernathy, Jr., “Holistic Pottery,” “Open Country,” “A Vision for Lao Tzu and an Unknown Astro-physicist”

A. H. Block, “Suburban Assault, A Narrative Poem,” “Cereal’s Serious Stuff,” “When Two are as One”

Jeffrey D. Cates, “i – so – la – shun”

Nils Clausson, “Death of an Old Goat”

R. L. Cook, “Villanelle”

Harry D. Dawson, “The Fall of Venice,” “The Chosen Road,” “Smart Bomb”

Nelson J. Dunford, “Shore Birds,” “Summer Colonists”

Linda L. Dunlap, “A Book, Armanda, and Me,” “A Lovely Tale for Mama”

William H. Ford, “Out Upon X”

Eve Forti, “The Quietude of Vermeer,” “Speaking of Gondolas,” “Beethoven’s Storm”

Jean Hackett, “Prayer for God”

Don A. Hoyt, “Morning on the Farm”

David James, “For an Employee on the Occasion of Her Ten Year Service Award”

Edward Locke, “Billy Budd,” “Life as a New Year’s Party,” “Termination and Indetermination”

Sean A. Lovelace, “Down Wind,” “There Is Silence,” “No Really”

Edward C. Lynskey, “Sister to the Damselfly”

Mary Mantzounes, “Early Fall,” “Decision,” “Inheritance”

Errol Miller, “Out at the Other End of the Couny,” “The Convergence of Fact & Fiction”

William Miller, “Jack,” “My Father and the Bear,” “St. Louis #1”

Erika Murphy, “Spitting Out the Fountain”

John Perryman, “Henry Adams Appeal,” “Easter Sonnet”

Thomas O’Grady, “Two Horses”

John Ribovich, “As-Is”

Fernand Roqueplan, “Face Departing,” “Singer in Eden”

Jon Schillaci, “K. H.”

James Scofield, “A Putting Down”

David Stephenson, “Seven Children”

Larry D. Thomas, “The Calendar”

Philip A. Waterhouse, “dot.com”


Tim W. Brown, “A Review of Daniel Pearlman’s Black Flames

Jack Smith, “A Review of Joe Benevento’s Holding On


Wayne Amtzis, “Cursed House,” “On the Dark Road of Life,” A Translation by Wayne Amtzis from the Nepali poetry of Bhoopi Sherchan

Ken Fontenot, “Summer of the Century,” Translated by Ken Fontenot from the German of Heinz Piontek (1925- 2003)

Dean Furbish, “The Chapel,” “‘Towel wafting ocean fragrances. . . ,'” “Freedom,” “‘Night world . . . , ‘” “‘He who lives a day. . . ,'” “Constellations,” Translations by Dean Furbish from the Russian of Irina Ratmirova

Dave Landrum, “Eternal Aphrodite, Rainbow-Throned,” A Translation by David Landrum of Sappho’s Hymn to Aphrodite