23.2 (Fall 1998)



Gayla Chaney, “Francis Goes Down Under”

Richard Davignon, “Billy, the Boy Crime-Fighter,” “Test-Flight,” “The Garden Party,” “Circus”

Peter de Swart, “Footsteps: A Short Story”

Larry Griffin, “Adah’s Life”

Elaine Hatfield, “The Zombie Approach”

David Samuel Levinson, “The Life Expectancy of Petunias”

Walter Levis, “Wherrrre’s Johnny. . . ?”

Mark Roy Long, “Recipe”

Carol McIntosh, “Something Cold”

Edward J. Phillips, “Black Dove”

Johnathan Sapers, “Mr. and Mrs. Nowhere”

Michael S. Smith, “Antiques”

Ron Torrence, “The Advocate”

Alan Wieder, “Opening: a Portrait”


Boris Beric, “Boccaccio’s Il Filostrato and Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde: The Game of Fiction and Actual Life”

Sean Murphy, “Identity, Ideology, and Triads in Gertrude Stein’s Patriarchal Poetry

Leslie M. Thompson, “Dealing with Uncertainty in the Art of Medical Practice”

Robert Wexelblatt, “Socrates, Hamlet, Language and Insincerity:* unpublished notes of Sidney Fein”


Jessica Abrams, “We Accept Slight Amazement”

Cyd Adams, “Memorial Day”

Douglas Airmet, “Small Women”

Erika Aust, “Bibliophilia”

Kerri Brostrom, “Under the Ice”

Terri Brown-Davidson, “When the Moon Lit Up Like a Wild White Thing”

Ethel R. Buc, “Last Time I Looked”

Barry Butson, “This is Funny”

Burton Carlson, “Empty Deer”

David Catron, “Echolalia”

Joshua Coben, “Kites,” “Mythology Warning”

Christine Delea, “Hearing Whispers”

Williim Doreski, “Neither Victim nor Muse”

Louis S. Faber, “Two Generals,” “Search,” “Suzy”

Carol Hamilton, “Pilgrims,” “Invocation”

Dorothy Harrington, “About the Snout,” “Growing a Poem”

Charles Helzer, “Aubade,” “Lazarus”

Mimi Hennessy, “Her Garden”

Judah Jacobowitz, “Voluntary Servitude”

Richard Kenefic, “Three AM”

Randy Koch, “I Turn Like Shirts”

Robert Lee, “Cropper”

David Alan Lewis, “So Thus to Derrida, or Ruminations on ‘the Finger'”

Valerie Loveland, “Aggressive Fish,” “Anna Never Gets Visitors”

Joanne Lowery, “Mr. Believe’s Bargain,” “Mr. Believe Takes the Stand,” “Mr. Voice Ailing,” “Mr. Voice Tries a Streetcorner”

Gene Mahoney, “Making Water”

Muriel Marshall, “Heavier than Craft Air”

Bruce McCandless, “The Death of a Liquor Board Agent”

Jane McClellan, “Aftermath of a Summer Storm”

Sandy McCord, “Seppuku”

Anne McCrady, “Nurse’s Aide”

Dawn McDuffie, “Coffee Cup”

William Mullins, “What They Offered of Shakespeare in High School”

Helene Pilibosian, “Calling Monet,” “Partners According to Wall Street,” “Another Parade”

Frank Praeger, “Milkweed and Roses”

Larry Thomas, “The Calendar”


Art Beck, Luxorious: “Phalaecium in moechum quod debriatus plorobat cum coitum inplere non posset,” “In podagrum venationi studentem,” “De funere mulieris formosae quae litigiosa fuit”