24 (Spring/Fall 1999)



Garna Christian, “George Perry’s Fictional Other Woman”


James Braziel, “Jack Who Loves to Paint”

Matt Clark, “Hot Camel, Texas”

John M. Clarke, “Van Gogh Lowfat”

Jim Douglas, “Drought”

Jim Finley, “What’s To Do?”

Louis Friedman, “Visit Jericho”

David Goldstein, “People Like Us”

Holly Kulak, “Scar”

Gary McLouth, “20 West Main: The Sundstrom Family Chronicles ‘The Florida Room'”

Anthony Palumbo, “Claire”

Michael Peters, “Arnold the Norris Park Barber”

Salem A. Pflueger, “Michigan Spring”

Lukie Chapman Reilly, “Boarding”

Richard Wasson, “Get Your Ticket at the Station”


Rosemary Anderson, “Two Senryu for John”

Robert Boliek,”The Passionate Shepherd Responds to the Nymph”

Bernadette Bruster, “Ireland’s Eyes”

Nils Clausson, “Ars Verborum”

Robert Cooperman, “Chocolate in the Alley: Gold Creek, Colorado, 1881”

Anna DeMay, “Ode to a Roach”

Peter Desy, “At 63”

Arlie Dorsch, “Septuplets”

Scot H. P. Drew, “Divers ♥ Manatees”

Thomas Feeny, “Living without Metaphor”

Todd Fuller, “The Geometry of Basketball”

James Gramann, “Silence”

Robert Hentz, “Missing Person”

Roger Jones, “Fishing on Lake Rayburn,” “Coming Home Late”

Cynthia Leffner, “Doggie Hall”

Diane Lilli, “What Stays Behind”

Abby Millager, “Dear Name Changed to Protect the Innocent”

Errol Miller, “Outside of Panola County”

Ann Morehead, “Frozen”

Carol Rhodes, “Farewell to Wall Street”

Geri Rosenzweig, “Wang Wei in Heaven”

M. A. Schaffner, “Blue Line”

Hillel Schwartz, “Peace on Earth”

Jean-Mark Sens, “Door”

Brent Stuver, “Singles Club”

Paula Tatarunis, “Ark”

Ulea, “A Legend”

Gerald Wheeler, “Medic”

John Wilson,  “I Heard a Fly Buzz, Again”

Ron Wilson, “Tourette’s”


Leonard Cheever, “A Review of Gregory Benford’s Cosm