25.1 (Spring 2000)



Jacob M. Appel, “Jack in the Box”

John V. Breen, “The Last Detail”

Stepan Chapman, “Ants in Space”

Renee Lynn Hansen, “Colors”

Chris Haven, “Strong Black Hearts”

Gerald Irving, “Trouble Getting Out”

William R. Kanouse, “When’s This Winter Going to End?”

David King, “A Dream Holiday”

Tony Báez Milán, “The One-Eyed Bicyclist with the Amazingly Long Grin”

Bruce Petronio, “Under the Radar”

June Levin Roth, “Hazel”

Mark Walling, “Mama’s Boy”

Gerald R. Wheeler, “Gyroman”


Elizabeth Oakes, “To ‘hold them in solution, unsolved:’ The Ethics of Wholeness in Four Contemporary Poems”

Gary Sloan, “Emerson’s Cosmic Sophistries”

Robert Wexelblatt, “Fein on Two Sonnets of Alexander Fernlicht”


Tom Baer, “Ina”

Jenny Browne, “To Poets on a Thin Island,” “About Texas,” “Learning to Fish,” “Learning the Language”

Earl Coleman, “Staying Put,” “Subversive Activities,” “Food Chain”

D. A. Feinfeld, “Urania,” “The Witch of Endor”

Kirk Glaser, “Corner or Church and Market”

Carol Hamilton, “Tattoos”

Charles A. Helzer, “On Reading Dante at 31,000 Feet,” “In the Matter of Free Will,” “The Heart of Ms. Masters,” “Reflections on a Commercial”

Baron James, “Thin Hand Haunting,” “Wasps”

Walter Kuchinsky, “Chief”

James B. Livingston, “Reformists and Alchemists”

Stephen Malin, “The Candidate,” “Teacher,” “Number Fourteen in Our March of Progress Series: Film Promotion Tour-1937”

Mark Marston, “Release”

Linden Ontjes, “At the Peacehaven Rest Home”

Marilyn J. Paganelli, “Eden’s Garden”

Robert Parham, “Fifty Behind Me,” “Sonnet to the Self”

Ferdinand Roqueplan, “Titanic”

Jane Sasser, “The Basement War,” “Sitting the Fence”

Brent and Marlena Stuver, “The Wanderer, 1999”

Steven M. Williams, “A Silent Complaint”

Jamie Wollrab, “no place like home”

Ross Yates, “The Seven Stages of Cigarette”