25.2 (Fall 2000)



Elizabeth Blagg, “That Dark Space”

Charles Edward Brooks, “Res Arcana”

Brendan Connell, “Peter Payne”

Aaron Hancock, “The Paralytic

Larry Hill, “Sketch Artists”

Nancy Ryan Keeling, “The Tank in Leona”

Ruth Latta, “The Ancient Mariner”

Rose Moss, “The Sister’s House”

Dennis Must, “The Rooming House”

Gregory Sanders, “Found Objects”


Gregory Frank Tague, “Levels of Participatory Experience in D. H. Lawrence’s Italy Books”

Kirby Olson, “Surrealism, Haiti, and Zora Neale Hurston’s The Eyes Were Watching God

Robert M. Post, “Dostoevsky as Performer”


William Aarnes, “Outside Reading on Main,” “My Late Student,” “Giving Grades”

Anselm Brocki, “Outsiders,” “Voice”

Barry Butson, “Tall Woman in a Yellow Cloth Coat,” “Ozymandias in Room 224”

R. L. Cook, “Now in This Autumn,” “Now Summer Blood,” “Time Beautifies and Withers”

Robert Cooperman, “Pontius Pilate Is Recalled to Rome, 36 C.E.”

Nelson J. Dunford, “Matins,” “The Cloisters at Fort Tryon”

Alexa Gelmi, “Shecat”

Daniel Green, “Daniel Green”

Edward Locke, “Contraction,” “Song”

Walt McDonald, “After the Random Woodpile,” “Home on the Range,” “After the War and Oil Wells,” “Beyond the Barbed Wires”

Mark Marston, “The King,” “Old Bull,” “Release”

David Rogner, “Surprise,” “Rethinking Frost’s Design at a Used Book Store in Vermont,” “Real Trees”

Lisa Shockley, “The Culture of Decay”

Brent Stuver, “Toadstools (October 15, 1998)”

Ryan G. Van Cleave, “Psalm of the Phosphorescent Honey,” “Star, Moon, Night for Virgil”

Phillip A. Waterhouse, “Crows Landing”