26.1 (Spring 2001)



Taylor Jane Ward, “Paleolithic Horse,” “Where the Spirits Rise”


Nils Clausson, “‘Sinister Appetites’ and Heroic Couplets: Seamus Heaney’s ‘The Outlaw’ and the Augustan Poetic Tradition”

Robert Wexelblatt, “On Euthyphro: Notes by Sidney Fein”


Brian Ames, “Cumberland Plateau”

Andrew Geyer, “So Close and Yet So Far Out”

Lester Mark Lenoff, “Gotcha!”

Mark Lewandowski, “Substitutions”

Joonseong Park, “A Shaft of Light”

Samuel Reifler, “People and Things”

Michael S. Smith, “Symmetry in a Chipped Mirror”

James Ladd Thomas, “Kryptonite”

Novel Excerpt

Karin Ludewig, “The Animal God”


Cyd Adams, “Footing,” “Raptor”

Wayne Amtzis, “The Street of Butchers,” “For Hindus Only,” “Their Faces,” “Thistles and Shells,” “Sign of the Umbrella”

Gay Baines, “Crows,” “Autogyro”

Jill Barrie, “Mission,” “Robinson Crusoe Addresses God,” “Lion”

Cathy Blackburn, “According to Bob, I Spend My Whole Life Watching the Weather Channel”

Brad Buchanan, “Chiaroscuro,” “Traffic Report”

Penny Cagan, “Nail Salon”

David Livingstone Clink, “The Poetry Police”

Earl Coleman, “A Cat,” “Latent Image”

Chip Dameron, “Introducing My Son,” “A Neighbor’s Work,” “All the Young Swans”

Deborah Gillespie, “Anniversary”

Carol Hamilton, “Punctured Paper”

David M. Hull, “March Time 1970”

Judah Jacobowitz, “Saved”

Ulf Kirchdorfer, “Road Kill”

Terri D. Klein, “Revelation! Live! In Concert!” “The Reason,” “Closing Argument”

Anne Mabry, “From Up Here It Doesn’t Look Like Such a Lonely Place”

Walt McDonald, “After the Radical Conversion”

Doug McNamee, “Another Summer Night in Chicago,” “Tunneling,” “The Practice of Poetry”

B. Z. Niditch, “The Nameless”

Robert Parham, “A Song for Zinnias”

Cleatus Rattan, “Traces: In Memoriam C.H.R. 1900-1966,” “A Popular Play”

Geri Rosenzweig, “By the End of It,” “Time With Its Blue Wing”

Don Russ, “The Victim”

Don A. Ryan, “Writer’s Stroke”

Jean-Mark Sens, “Pillow”

Larry D. Thomas, “A Place in the Sun”

Meredith Trede, “A Photo Shoot on Astor Place”

Ryan G. Van Cleave, “Mamasan,” “Rhonda”

Frank Van Zant, “Small Win,” “Generation XYZ Meets the Neo-Fatal Fem”

Rodney Washka II, “The Punk Sings of a Midnight Ambush,” “State of North Carolina”

Philip Waterhouse, “Some Days Really Are”

William Woodruff, “Trust”


Richard W. Fern’s Blossom River Drive