26.2 (Fall 2001)



Barry Ballard, “In His Image”

Jimmy Burns,”A Rendering of Grief”

Barbara Crooker, “At the Poultry Reading (a misheard line),” The Seductiveness of Men in Their Business Suits”

D. A. Feinfeld, “The Pantoum (Pantera lyrica),” “The Juggler Behind Notre-Dame,” “Sculpture Garden”

Kenneth E. Hada, “Three Thoughts Connected Within Me That Prove I’m a Texas”

David Hill, “Telly Addicts”

Rachel Jennings, “Family Letters,” “Hedge Ghosts”

David King, “Contempt of Court”

Frank C. Praeger, “Milkweed and Roses”

Marjorie Roberts, “Sunflowers Sunday Afternoon in July”

TWIXT (Peter Specker), “Culling”

Brent Edward Stuver, “Dawn Patrol”

Phillip Waterhouse, “Zebras,” “Family Affair”

John Yarbrough, “who could stop us?”

Gerald Zipper, “Place of Enchanted Touch”


Ian Baaske, “Blackbeard”

T. M. Bemis, “Old Friends”

Richard N. Bentley, “Post-Freudian Dreaming”

Charles Edward Brooks, “What the Fado Said”

Rob Carney, “Rules”

Mary Jane Cope, “The Summer of Striptease”

Michael Fessler, “The Man of the Maxim”

Marie Goyette, “Game Over”

Robert Kupitz, “Russian Dreams”

Abbie Lipschutz, “Poland 1935,” “Antwerp, October 1944”

Ed Lynskey, “Like a Fox”

Edward J. Phillips, “Feeling the Burn”

Lee Varon, “Naramexe”

Brett Weaver, “Bulbs”

Gerald R. Wheeler, “Sightings”


David Goldstein, “After Sadness,” “Fruits, Vegetables,” “The Cobbler,” “The Goat:” poems by Umberto Saba

Seth Zimmerman, “Lines on the Unknown Soldier: A Poem in Eight Parts,” Original by Osip Mandelstam