27 (Spring/Fall 2002)



Paul Asen, “A Bit of His Own Back”

Terra Blakemore, “Child Games”

Martin Brick, “Mutually Assured”

Anna Harrington, “White Christ”

Daniel King, “Cry on Your Smile”

Ruth Latta, “Canoe”

Lou Masson, “The Hall of Man”

Brett Roth, “Wise River”

June Levin Roth, “Mortmain”

Iris SanGiuliano, “The Mixer”


Boris Beric, “Milton’s Areopagitica: Cultural Engineering of the Poetic Parental Instinct”

Bill McDonald, “A Sistine Chapel of My Own”

Edward F. Palm, “The Identification”

Robert Wexelblatt, “Three Short Pedagogical Pieces by Sidney Fein”


William Aarnes,”Among Sixth Graders”

Gilbert Allen, “Even as We Speak”

Jene Beardsley, “Prayers for Forgiveness”

Terra Blakemore, ” A Blessed Coming”

Nils Clausson, “A Formalist’s Complaint”

Robert Cooperman, “The Men in Their Lives”

Alexander Dreier, “Turquoise Prayer of Spring”

Tom Dvorske, “If I Could Paint Like Hopper . . . ”

Diane Engle, “Mind Game”

Richard Fein, “Legal History”

Stuart Gravatt, “Stories”

Max Gutmann, “Life and Art”

K. L. Haley, “The Satin Quilt”

Carol Hamilton, “Clutter,” “Winter Storm”

elsbeth henry, “Souls in Town Hall,” “On the Road”

Aaron W. Hillman, “Reading To Her”

Rachel Jennings, “Voice Mail”

Daniel King, “READ ALL ABOUT IT! DAWNING OF THE AGE OF CONSENT!” “Schism,” “Five Ring Circus,” “Somewhere in a Crowd”

Ulf Kirchdorfer, “I Wake Up,” “Ode to a Real Estate Lady,” “Words to an Office Mate,” “Walking in My Rich Brother’s Shoes”

John Kistner, “To Kick a Dead Dog,” “Ode to Groceries,” “You’ll Be Hearing From My Attorney”

Philip C. Kolin, “Communion”

Gene Mahoney, “Down to the Burning Ships”

Walt McDonald, “For Friends Missing in Action”

Errol Miller, “Golden Slippers”

Berwyn Moore, “What Morning Is For”

Frank S. Palmisano III, “On the Up and Up”

Simon Perchik, “62”

William Rushton, “What’s For Lunch, Love?”

Lisa Rye, “Auto Show,” “Black Widow,” “Original Sin”

Jane Sasser, “Walking Away”

Frances Schenkkan, “Dr. Greenway”

Anne Silver, “Once I Had My Thoughts,” “Forest Pyre”

Matthew J. Spireng, “Alzheimer’s,” “Sleeping to Rain”

Donna Baier Stein, “At the Tomb of the Baron,” “First Winter in Lexington”

Larry D. Thomas, “Cicadas,” “Dewberries”

David Thomson, “Another Ghazal by/for the Beloved”

Jean Tupper, “The Name I Give Myself”

Ryan G. Van Cleave, “Outside Fort Pillow, Tennessee-April 18, 1864,” “The Idiot Pupil”

Frank Van Zant, “Bread Crumbs”

Susan Wheatley, “An Ordinary Night in Key West”

William Woodruff, “After Your Funeral”

Ulys H. Yates, “Lazarus”

Fredrick Zydek, “Had I Been Adam,” “This Is Not a Poem About Faith,” “This Is Not a Lie,” “Places Not Even the Wind Can Hide,” “More Advice to the Young Poet”