28.1 (Spring 2003)



Cyd Adams, “Never go there ‘more,” “The Liberty,” “Diagnosis/Prognosis, Parent”

Carl Auerbach, “An Elegy for the Death of Language”

Barry Ballard, “The Equation,” “The First Visit,” “Last Song”

Gay Baines, “Slip Moon in February”

Linda Bosson, “The Wall”

Gaylord Brewer, “Procession,” “Sepulcher,” “Surviving the Good Times,” “If You Don’t Hear From Me”

Christopher M. Brinson, “deadly recoil”

Anselm Brocki, “Insider”

Laurie Byro, “Winter Dogs Named Id”

Earl Coleman, “The Street Where You Lived”

Holly Day, “Fish Eyes”

K. E. Duffin, “Pantheon”

Diana C. DuMoulin, “I Asked”

D. A. Feinfeld, “Snake Magic,” “Brown Study”

Suzanne Heyd, “Silk Road,” “Surface,” “Vanishing Point”

Marc Elihu Hofstadter, “Caravan,” “The Blooming, 1982-83”

Rachelle L. Hosty, “Naptime,” “I Like”

Tim Kahl, “The Trend”

Ward Kelley, “Barrow Point”

Greg Kimura, “Her EX,” “Family Tree”

Daniel King, “Loss”

Cal Kinnear, “‘nel mezzo del cammin

David Lawrence, “You’re Wrenching My Hubcaps,” “Short Order”

Bobbi Lurie, “Misery”

Jon Mathewson, “Pools on Snow”

Pat McCutcheon, “Recovering Perfectionist,” “Stepdad,” “At 30,000 Feet”

Errol Miller, “An American, As Southerner”

Peter Mladinic, “Ironing Board”

Norman Nathan, “Messing Up”

Alex Richardson, “Elegy”

Paul B. Roth, “First Drink of Spring”

Don Russ, “In a Pasture”

Don A. Ryan, “Leroy”

K. V. Skene, “That Night”

Virginia Schnurr, “Thirtieth Anniversary”

Matthew J. Spireng, “Remora,” “Culling the Flock,” “Thinking of a Very Overweight Friend”

George Staehle, “Something Wicked Already Got Us”

Dorothy Stroud, “Body Language”

Cheryl Suchors, “Business School Classroom,” “Equal Opportunity”

Ben Wilensky, “Moneymen and Mullahs,” “Jihad in the Morning,” “Terrorist,” “Dying”

Stephen Jarrell Williams, “Someday”

Don Winter, “Cleaning Up at the Hamtrack Burger Chef,” “Eugene Walks Off the Job,” “The Grill Cook’s Dream,” “Working Late”


Mary Akers, “Medusa Song”

Sybil Baker, “The Navy Pea Coat”

Dan Belanger, “Space Relations”

Suzanne Billhymer, “Papa Harry”

Jon Boilard, “Fat Priest Face”

Kim Bridgford, “Thief”

Frances Burch, “Mirror, Mirror”

Linda Button, “For All Your Plastic Needs”

Earl Coleman, “Pearl Diving”

Edward Doughtie, “Kidnapped”

Christine Ecklund, “Your Friend, Arlene”

Brian Evenson, “Men in Trees”

Jim Finley, “Quahadi Summer”

David Gagnon, “White Sheet”

William Joblonsky, “Smoke and Mirrors”

Kristine Helbling Mayo, “Dirty Soap”

J. Morris, “Roaches Crawled Across My Chicken”

John Phillips, “Inside of Men”

Forrest Stone, “Get Your Hot Corn Here”

Stephanie Waxman, “The Gift”

Ronna Wineberg, “A Question of Place”