28.2 (Fall 2003)



T. M. Bemis, “D-Day”

Jen Conley, “The New Boyfriend”

Peter K. Hixson, “Pas de Trois”

Andrew Kaplan, “The A&S Pianists”

Jeanne Kocher, “Stranger”

Kerria Seabrooke, “The Lay of the Lizard”

E. G. Silverman, “Excelsior”

Eric Skipper, “The Punkin’ Roller”

J. Jaye Steen, “Little Friends”

James Ladd Thomas, “Lester Lies Down”

Robert Wexelblatt, “The Avramarash Negotiations”

David A. Willis, “Unification”


Daniel Green, “Not Merely Academic: Creative Writing and Literary Study”


Jeffrey C. Alfier, “Her Last Night in San Ysidro,” “On the Missing Grave of a Pima Girl”

Rebecca Biber, “Tristan and Isolde,” “Photograph”

Mark Blaeuer, “Lunch at the Growing Addition”

Mary M. Brown, “Two Women in a Kayak on Chautauqua Lake,” “Summer Vespers”

Martha N. Clarkson, “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” “Sea Level”

Melissa Frederick, “Mermaid,” “Mir Decommissioned”

Mahdy Y. Khaiyat, “Curmudgeon,” “Writing to Perfection”

Bruce Lader, “Detour,” “Listening to Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet in A Major”

Richard Luftig, “Asymmetry”

Walt McDonald, “The Prodigal at Sixty”

Fred Ostrander, “Far From Us”

Jane Sasser, “Ashes,” “Volcano”

Suzanne R. Thurman, “Awakening the Joys of Autumn,” “Forsythia”

Philip Waterhouse, “Right Around the Moon”