29 (Spring and Fall 2004)



Corie Adjmi, “Lucky”

A. R. Benitez, “Finding Grace in Gray”

Bob Brewer, “Days of Gold”

Chad E. Bush, “The Daffodil Keeper

Billy Callahan, “Redemption”

Michael Charlton, “What I Wish to Remember”

D.M. Chavez, “The Boxer and the Dirty Blonde”

Jeanne Dickey, “Morir Soñando”

Dave Donelson, “A Tale of the Christ”

William Fagan, “That Night in Elfreths Alley”

Bruce Henrickson, “Changes”

Florence Homolka, “Ceremony”

David LeMaster, “The Heartless Torture & Murderous Formal Education of Othello Erasmus Strong & Countless Other Misdemeanors & Grievances Compiled & Committed by Mr. Winston W. Belamy, M. A.”

Ed Lynskey, “Ant Lion”

Matthew Petti, “Virtuosity”

Brian Ray, “Sarah Steel”

Kal Rosenberg, “Red Things with Sharp Edges”

June Levin Roth, “The Good That I Would Do”

Iris SanGiuliano, “Solitaire”

Blake Sanz, “Mona Lisa”

Estelle Shanley, “Forever Spinster”

J. Scott Smith, “Bad Connection”

Jeff Strausser, “The Cheerleader”

René L. Todd,”A Previously Unknown Artist”

Elaine Warick, “Mrs. King”


Judith M. Ford, “The Burden of Being”

Charles Gillespie, “The Year in Right Field”

Lisa Kaufman, “Notes From Tel Aviv: Things That Go Boom

Kathleen Zamboni McCormick, “Aunt Alice in Wonderland: Lace Curtains and Butterfly Buns”

Jill Talbot, “Viva Terlingua!”


David Lawrence, “Supermarket,” “Armor”

Susan Levasseur, “Dusk”

Bruce McCandless, “Morning in Jerusalem,” “Rabble Rouser,” “Aversion”

Dodie Messer Meeks, “Letter to a Girl in Alvin, Texas”

Chad Prevost, “Wake,” “Bowing Not Knowing to What”

Fernand Roqueplan, “Arcadia”

Bonnie Stanard, “Sunset on the Veranda of the Hotel Segovia,” “The Weather and Time,” “The Vows”

Larry D. Thomas, “Cardinals,” “When His End Was Near”

Lee Widing, “Goshen Pond,” “Ancient Way”

Ulys H. Yates, “Rote,” “Encouraging Absurdity,” “Why We Need Muses”

Gerald Zipper, “The Sun and the Stars”