30.1 (Spring/Summer 2005)



Joan Corey Barton, “Tenth Anniversary”

Rob Davidson, “First Position”

Katrina Denza, “Time Is Not a Privilege”

Or Graur, “Moran’s Sunset”

Toby Tucker Hecht, “Coming Apart”

Roy Kesey, “Down Through the Desert”

Donna Moss, “Baby Girl”

Lisa Roney, “Pound Cake”


Rebecca Aronson, “Conveyance,” “Following You Up the Treehorn Trail”

Ruth Bavetta, “Dementia”

Richard N. Bentley, “My Father: Two Years Old,” “Hallowe’en Afternoon”

George L. Chieffet, “A Flight to the Moon,” “Picnicking in Mt. Misery Cemetery”

Earl Coleman, “The Man Who Took Her Away from All That

Christine DeSimone, “Helios,” “Sculpting”

Carly Gerkin, “Even Without Looking”

Carol Hamilton, “Even without Eve”

Peter Harris, “Opening the Door”

Johnny Horton, “Virginity Lost: Hypothetically Speaking”

Gary J. Maggio, “Misty Plotted Distance”

Mark Mosca, “On the Merritt Parkway”

Bern Mulvey, “Stop”

Aimee Record, “Rethinking the Hands,” “Evaluating Art”

David Starkey, “Constantina: 1968,” “Hollywood: Noon”

Celia Stuart-Powles, “Moon Jellyfish”

Larry D. Thomas, “The Rat in the Cathedral”

Jim Tolan, “The Return,” “I Hate Your Pancakes”

Ryan G. Van Cleave, “Britney at the Tattoo-Removal Parlor at Age Thirty-Five,” “Down”

Rynn Williams, “Appetite”

Don Winter, “Old Men at Wanda’s Grill”

Mark Wisniewski, “Inheritance,” “Memory”

Sue Sun Yom, “Against a Conventional Definition of Rarity,” “The Work Life”