30.2 (Fall/Winter 2005)



Julie Berman, “A Real Doll”

Darren DeFrain, “Stomp”

Philip Gardner, “Safe Storage”

Judith Lavinsky, “If I Lie Down I’ll Die”

Sheryl Monks, “Little Miss Bobcat”

Pete Sipchen, “Winter Man”

Robert Wexelblatt, “Full Fathom Five”

Francine Witte, “Joe and Sue Get In The Car”


Orman Day, “Clutter”

Mark Staunton, “On Writing, Publishing and Hockey”


Jeffrey Alfier, “One Son South to Rio Bravo”

Gay Baines, “Who Are the Four Horsemen?” “Sky Shards”

Jonathan Barrett, “Bayside Walkways”

Victor Camillo, “Disco Directs Dafur,” “Fishing at Maxie’s”

Gladys Justin Carr, “Visiting the Artist”

C. S. Fuqua, “Beat”

Carol Hamilton, “New Worlds”

Jen Karetnick, “How to Drink Champagne Alone”

Ulf Kirchdorfer, “Swimming in My Forties,” “Barbeque at Angelo’s”

David Koehn, “Gin: Dream,” “General Delivery”

David Linebarger, “After Fifty Years,” “Waiting for a Tune-Up”

Valerie Loveland, “The Remedy,” “When Did I Become Afraid of Bugs?”

Matthew J. Spireng, “Introduction,” “Mount Desert Island, September”

Linda Swanberg, “Ice Storm”

Marilynn Talal, “Submission,” “The Small Chamber”

Jason Tandon, “Lambs Grove, Iowa”

Zachary Vineyard, “Uncle Collapsed on Stairs,” “October Wheat and Empty Farms”

Julia Wendell, “When I Won’t Take Down the Christmas Lights,” “We Can’t Go Back”

Steven Winn, “My Uncle’s Underwear,” “Miss Pennsylvania”

Fred Yannantuono, “Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Snow”