31.1 (Summer/Fall 2006)



Thomas P. Balázs, “Niddah”

Marcy Campbell, “Solving for X”

Gerry Canavan, “Two Guys”

Clifford Garstang, “In an Uncharted Country”

Ricky Massengale, “Baby Names 2005”

Ann Rushton, “Houston”

Kristen Tsetsi, “To My Daughter”

Lisa Grey Youngblood, “Death of a London Rat”


Dick Bentley, “Testing”

Earl Coleman, “Ellen as Saskia”

Tyler Farrell, “The Truth of Angels and Ravens”

Rodney Gomez, “Mere Possibility”

Arthur Gottlieb, “No Child Left Behind”

Andrew Grossman, “Detainee #2982422A”

Daniel A. Harris, “The Stair Master (Working Out, At Home)

Greg Moglia, “On Viewing Winslow Homer’s Civil War Sharpshooter in the Tree”

Adam Penna, “A Word Against Lighthouses”

Benjamin Russell, “Rain”

Jane Sasser, “How to Grow Old,” “Men Who Expect Us to Find Their Keys”

Lita Sorenson, “Omaha Was the Same as I Left It”

Dorothy Stone, “Tethered”

Jason Tandon, “At South Station,” “Lamb’s Grove, Iowa,” “Social Studies”

Larry D. Thomas, “The Dragonfly”

Ryan G. Van Cleave, “Aftermath, Or Poetry as Echo,” “Beginning with an Offhand Comment from Roger, the Student Poet Who, Despite Missing Eleven Classes, Still Thinks He Will Pass Poetry 101”

Angela Vogel, “Weathervanes,” “Hospital”

Don Winter, “I Am a Stranger Self Than Here,” “Tacoma Tavern”

W. Arnold Yasinski, “Hotel Cappuccini Convento,” “The Second Husband Explains It All”

Ulys H. Yates, “Let Us Quickly Go”

Maya Jewell Zeller, “Sibling Rivalry,” “Saturday Shopping”