31.2 (Winter/Spring 2007)



Matt Cummings, “Preparations for What Is Coming”

Katrina Denza, “Crossing Cape Fear”

Daniel A. Hoyt, “The Kids”

Vivien Lawry, “After the Fair”

Jeff Richards, “The Right Thing”

Jill Stegman, “Ohana”

Girgia Tropp, “Second Coming”

Francine Witte, “Please Do Not Send Any Packages to Julie Bright,” “The Flag”


Eileen Berry, “Poem Inside the Poem”

Brad Buchanan, “The Greatest Girl Ever,” “Her Fingers, In Her Father’s Mouth”

Justin Evans, “Upon Seeing the Photograph of a Much Better Poet My Own Age,” “So Often There Are Birds in the Sky,” “On I-80 Between Lovelock and Winnemucca, NV: Dec. 4th, 2004”

Katherine Fallon, “The Barrette,” “Watering”

Carol Hamilton, “We Added Siding with Plans of Never Painting Again,” “Bearers of Tales”

Keith Harvey, “School Days,” “Schadenfreude”

Corey Mesler, “Samson Denatured,” “Lovers on the Bridge”

Jean-Mark Sens, “The Talking Well”

Noel Sloboda, “Shell Games”

Matthew J. Spireng, “Labyrinth,” “The Waitress Comes with the Salad”

Jason Tandon, “The Actress,” “Power”

Larry D. Thomas, “Frank Reaugh,” “Ravens”