32.1 (Summer/Fall 2007)



Stevan Allred, “Sink Like a Steamroller, Fly Like a Brick”

Marsha Lee Berkman, “Havana Nights”

Ellen Prentiss Campbell, “Antiques & Collectibles”

Ralph Cohen, “Ensign Margot”

Stephen D. Gibson, “Machine Love”

Kathy Fish, “Harps”

Jenny Hanning, “Everything”

Anne Levy Lavigne, “Worthwhile People”

Amos Magliocco, “They Never Caught the Sun”

Brandi Reissenweber, “When You Return”


Colleen Abel, “Blood Moon,” “Hyperbole”

Gay Baines, “Riding Home, With Walkman,” “We Missed the Graveyard Service”

Gaylord Brewer, “Midnight, December 31, 2006,” “New Year’s Morning”

Carol Hamilton, “Hieroglyphs,” “Ohio Autumn”

George Looney, “Long Enough to Gather Dust,” “Animals in Their Dark Compartments,” “Dwarfed by a Pair of Pudgy Hands”

Regina McMorris, “Bruise,” “What the Heart Hides”

Bern Mulvey, “Bending a Stiff Branch,” “Face”

Robert Parham, “No More to Ask”

Meg Rains, “Simulate,” “Tick & Wait”

Susanna Rich, “The Softness the Truth Requires,” “This Marriage”

Ruchell Todd, “In a Black Dress”