32.2 (Winter/Spring 2008)



Matthew David Brozik, “Typecast”

Dinah Cox, “The Quisenberry Family Singers”

Edmund de Chasca, “The Viatical Man”

Katrina Denza, “Everything Rises”

E. C. Jarvis, “Rod Serling’s Stand-In,” “In Her”

Timothy Mercer, “Dishes, Dinosaurs & Dodge Dusters”

Monica Rausch, “Marla”

Shell Teague, “These People”

Kathleen Thompson, “Nothin’ to Cry About”

Karen Marie Vaughan, “Postmortem”


Mike White, “100 Sailboats”


Jeffrey C. Alfier, “Offloading the Wounded”

E. Kristin Anderson, “Let Summer,” “Saint Peter, Basilique du Sacre-Couer”

Gay Baines, “Afterward,” “Eugene Onegin at the Regal Cinema”

Jonathan Barrett, “Ustrinum,” “Pyrophorus”

Kevin Brown, “Diagramming Won’t Help This Situation”

Earl Coleman, “To The Tarn”

Pat Daneman, “Boys Who Cut the Legs Off Box Turtles,” “What Is Love”

Carol Hamilton, “The Neighbors”

Janet Carr Hull, “The Stepping Stone”

Mark Jenkins, “Compost”

Joseph Radke, “Paruisa”

Tom Sheehan, “Behind the Retina”

John E. Simonds, “Death on Display”

Matthew J. Spireng, “Cicadas”

Larry D. Thomas, “Blue Jay,” “Dying Vulture at Sundown”

William H. Wandless, “Homebody”

Don Winter, “Posing,” “A Man Fishing on a Breakwater Pier in New Buffalo”