33.1 (Summer/Fall 2008)



Debra Brenegan, “Millie’s Drag”

Michael Cocchiarale, “Mei Wenti”

Annette Ferran, “Boy”

Peggy Fisher, “Blue Sky”

Clifford Garstang, “The House of Ancients”

D. Seth Horton, “The Mentor”

Elaine Silverstein, “Life of the Party”

Samantha Simpson, “Decent People”

Ryan Stone, “Run Nowhere”


Laura Hope-Gill, “Magnificat”

Sarah Layden, “Gone in a Blink”


Fred Arroyo, “Bolinas,” “Waves”

B. J. Best, “Still Life: Sparrow, BB Gun,” “Puffball Mushrooms”

Sandra Castillo, “Letter to You in Your Seclusion”

John W. Evans, “Nose Bleeds, Pain Behind the Eyes,” “Central Illinois”

Thomas Feeny, “Long Yellow Mornings”

Jonathan Greenhause, “Reduction and Removal”

John Grey, “Pregnant Woman on Beach”

Graham Hillard, “Villanelle for Darkness”

Elizabeth Kropf, “Instructions”

Katherine Durham Oldmixon, “Forgetting”

Elisabeth Sharp McKetta, “Watching My Grandmother Empty Her Files”

Regina McMorris, “Night School Teacher,” “To Neruda”

Judi Rypma, “Fool’s Gold,” “Late Autumn Feast”

K. V. Skene, “Memory Exists So I May Know Dead Certainties,” “And It Wasn’t Even the First”

Jason Tandon, “Channeled,” “Thanks For Nothing,” “Dog Days”