33.2 (Winter/Spring 2009)



Randall D. Brown, “Skip a Life Completely”

Rayne Debski, “Canary”

Katrina Denza, “In Light of Guernica”

Carmen Edington, “Coulda Been Blind”

Luke Geddes, “Pet People”

Richard Peabody, “Ohio-Do-Si-Do”

Todd A. Whaley, “The Beach House”

Francine Witte, “Arm”


Timothy A. Lepczyk, “The Night Janitor’s New Son, Racing the Midnight Train, and Thoughts from Across the Ocean”

Holly Welker, “Half the Universe on My Back”


Gaylord Brewer, “Do Not,” “Another Man”

Amy K. Genova, “St. Mary of Egypt”

Carol Hamilton, “Telling the Truth”

Anne McCrady, “Solving for X”

Robert Parham, “Whole”

Vanessa Ronan, “Surfside: When Not at the Laundromat”

Eric Roy, “Calling,” “Guacamole Tastes Good”

Shelley Savren, “The Good Sister”

Jean-Mark Sens, “Pomegranate”

Matthew J. Spireng, “Thanksgiving Morning,” “Describing a Landscape Not Yet Drawn”

Larry D. Thomas, “Beach Glass,” “The Circus”

Zachary Vineyard, “Why the Wind Moves and I Move,” “Flesh”

Stephen Jarrell Williams, “A Very Long Time Ago”