34.1 (Fall 2009)



Scott Bowman, “Seven Particles Amidst an Infinite Field”

Timothy D. Bryant, “Bob Wills is Still the King”

Rob Davidson, “Terminations”

Orman Day, “Glimpse”

Craig Davis, “Aisle Idle, We Pine for You in Rosedale”

Valerie Fioravanti, “Local Man”


Michael Milburn, “Death Wish”


Carolyn Adams, “Juno, Dreaming,” “Love Poem for Medusa”

Jeffrey C. Alfier, “Rain, Just Past Midnight,” “Woodgate Road in November”

Krikor N. Der Hohannesian, “The Moment”

John Grey, “Miasma”

Jeremy Halinen, “A Brief History of Heavy Petting”

Keith Harvey, “Quebec 1608,” “August 13, 1961”

Graham Hillard, “Secaucus, New Jersey,” “What the Ground Gives”

Justus Humphrey, “After Leaves Fall”

Janna Layton, “Ladybugs,” “The Tern”

karla k. morton, “Redefining Beauty,” “The Sacred”

K. V. Skene, “Triptych,” “Dean Liddell’s Daughter,” “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”

Matthew J. Spireng, “Listening to Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Mark O’Connor on Appalachian Journey and Looking at a Watercolor by James Clancy”

Mark Swanson, “Looking at the Drowning Water,” “To My Son’s Comments on Poetry”

Lynn Wagner, “Unjust Spring”

Holly Welker, “Kaleidoscope,” “An Ignorant Bunch of Lunatics”