34.2 (Spring/Summer 2010)



Jenny Dunning, “13007 Sunnyside Drive”

Shelby Goddard, “Moving In”

Peter Grimes, “A Confusion of Ballerinas”

Michael Nye, “Exit 17 Does Not Exist”

James Reed, “Escape Away”

Lareign Ward, “Joe Ray Makes a Toast”

Tom Williams, “The Short-Lived Ska Craze of 1981”


Matthew Batt, “The New Marshal”

Peter Stenson, “For Epiphanies: AWP, Needles, and Delaying the Inevitable”


Purshia Adams, “Sunflower”

Jim Bainbridge, “Meeting Her Parents”

Kate Bartholomew, “Trying to Quit”

Kevin Brown, “Quaesitum”

John F. Buckley, “An Existentialist Children’s Story”

Roger Camp, “Tools My Father Gave Me: The Handsaw,” “these lips are lowered”

Carol Carpenter, “Chicken Bones,” “The Parrot”

Tobi Cogswell, “Red Light Prayer”

Damon Falke, “The Church at Yellowjacket”

Megan Giller, “Midnight Dinner,” “Road Trip”

Carol Hamilton, “Swallows Above the Bluegrass Festival”

Leslie Adrienne Miller, “Erato at Fifty,” “One Awake”

William Palmer, “Artificial Respiration”

Charles Rammelkamp, “Blessed”

Judi A. Rypma, “That Old Black And White Picture”

Jason Tandon, “Happiness,” “Love Poem (Redux)”