35.1 (Fall/Winter 2011)


Contest Winners

The William J. Stuckey Memorial Prize for Fiction: Brian Seemann, “The Neighbor’s Yard”

The Larry D. Thomas Award for Poetry: Joseph R. Trombatore, “Ladies at Arles: Vincent Van Gogh, 1888”


Esther McClure, “Into Some New Territory: an interview with Claire Davis”


Kathleen A. Coppula, “Brittle”

Robert Earle, “Tikaani”

Anne Earney, “For Want of Stairs”

Kathryn Henion, “Night Class”

Jessica Hollander, “Keep History Locked in Little Capsules”

Garry Craig Powell, “The Jinni Crouching Behind Her”


Heather Anastasia, “Suburban Prophecy”

Jane Blanchard, “Wretched Weather”

Kevin Marshall Chopson, “The Cake Maker,” “Outside White Hall”

Mary Crow, “Sleep”

Holly Day, “Censorship”

Carol Hamilton, “Hardware”

Amanda Hempel, “Far,” “How We Sleep In August”

Michael Jaynes, “How to Write a Love Poem When You’re Standing in Line at Costco”

Katie Manning, “Seedless,” “Omphaloskepsis”

Anne McCrady, “Vectors”

Jade Ramsey, “Hydrologic Cycle,” “The Rain Taps the Concrete Like Piano Keys”

Kelsey Ann Sandy, “Memory of Lions at Window”

Noel Sloboda, “As Above,” “Performance Piece at The Rose (c. 1600)

Matthew J. Spireng, “Assateague, October”

Benjamin Sutton, “Colfax Avenue”

Kelly Talbot, “To Forget”

Jozi Tatham, “The Drought”