35.2 (Spring / Summer 2011)


Tyler Heath, “We’re All Part of It: An Interview with Kim Addonizio”


Edmund de Chasca, “The Immortals Institute of Music”

Katrina Denza, “Protest”

Barrett Hathcock, “The Portable Son”

Nick Kocz, “You Okay?”

Kate Krautkramer, “Cover Mountain”

Casey Pycior, “Home Shopping”


Susan Narayan, “How To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies in Turkey”

Chris Wiewiora, “Cut Here”


Jeffrey Alfier, “Footfalls,” “The Airman Wakes with His Lover”

Jane Blanchard, “After Katrina”

Karina Borowicz, “Bookshop Biblio Globus,” “At the Spice Market,” “Reading Madame Bovary

Tobi Cogswell, “Brunch”

Robert Cooperman, “Casting One’s Bread Upon the Water”

Lyman Grant, “Burn Ban”

Amanda Kimmerly, “Slow Burn,” “Throat”

Ulf Kirchdorfer, “Roethke”

Michael A. Moreno, “Father and Son in West Texas Storm,” “A Two-Star System”

Don Russ, “The Voice”

Sushil Sivaram, “Lights On”

Jason Tandon, “The Shusher of Saint-Chapelle,” “Kid”

Nathan E. White, “Dying Trumpeter,” “Every Second Wants to Be Telling”

Brandon S. Whiting, “Apology”

Nicholas YB Wong, “A.M.”