36.1 (Spring / Summer 2012)



An Interview with Glenn Shaheen


Jeffrey N. Johnson, “With These Hands, We Inter”

Sam Katz, “The Last Thing My Father Dreamed”

Johannes Lichtmann, “Like A Couch”

Robert McGowan, “The Dark”

Maruice Carlos Ruffin, “Mr. Face”


Rita L. Calderon, “Heroic Symphony (An Existential Guide to Alzheimer’s Care)”

Michael Milburn, “Showing Up”

Sarah Fawn Montgomery, “The Card of Future Misfortune”


Harvey Baine, “The Missionary,” “Third Stage of Unemployment”

Kaye Bartholomew, “On Bellevue Avenue,” “Hitching a Ride”

Noel Conneely, “Slow Ridge,” “Cleary’s Clock”

Holly Day, “Happily”

Carol Hamilton, “Drumbeat for the Funeral Procession,” “Basalt Pillows”

Michael Lawson, “To J.J. Thompson’s Plum Pudding Model of the Atom”

John McKernan, “I Wake Up”

LeAnn Pickrell, “The Day After Thanksgiving,” “It’s Tuesday”

Glenn Shaheen, “Banking in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex,” “Horse,” “Motorsports Steakhouse,” “Unlimited Ducks”

Matthew Spireng, “July 14, 1994”

Julie Wade, “Portrait of the Moon as Meddling Mother,” “Portrait of the Father as Selenographer,” “Portrait of the Child as Prelapsarian”

Jeremiah Webster, “Post the Facts / Shoot the Kids”