36.2 (Fall & Winter 2012)



Billy Longino, “Exhuming America: An Interview with Stewart O’Nan”


Ezra Carlsen, “Language Student”

Katrina Denza, “What it Takes to Let Go”

Graham Hillard, “What Happened That Night”

Ben Hoffman, “The Great Deschmutzing”

Carol K. Howell, “Attached”

Eric Neuenfeldt, “Temper”

Craig Renfroe, “Divulge Nothing Save the Terror of Being”

John Talbird, “Untitled”


John Abbott, “After Hours,” “The Major Key,” “Two Sisters,” “Grace,” “Excursion”

Jeffrey Alfier, “Cornering the Light Beyond a Braided Stream,” “Mojave County,” “What Remedies Extinction in Shelby County,” “Leaving the Horseshoe Café,” “Heaven on the Point System at the Petro Truck Stop”

Abigail Cloud, “Love Poem Written With Our Children,” “Love Poem to Myself in Stasis,” “Arrival, Il Lago di Como,” “Cuccete to Milan,” “To Be Pale in Italy”

Jane Glasser, “Robert Buell’s Last Meal,” “Queen of the Rookery”

Carol Hamilton, “Museum of Osteology”

Adam Houle, “Voice Class,” “Pet Rock,” “I About-Face into a Well-Thrown Snowball,” “When My Wife Sees Me Seeing the Co-Eds Jog,” “Deets McNamara on the Croquet Course He Made for Founders’ Days”

Amorak Huey, “Seven Postcards From Trussville, Alabama,” “Dead Man’s Float,” “Jacob’s Eulogy for Wilhelm,” “The Wikipedia Page ‘Clowns Who Committed Suicide’ Has Been Deleted”

Sally Molini, “Continental Shift,” “Party Favors”