37.1 (Spring & Summer 2013)



Mary Cafferty, “The SORRY Man”

Kevin Catalano, “Unbound Natureless Chaos”

Gary Finke, “Everything That’s Special”

Robert Laughlin, “Congratulations! You Have Just Written the Ten-Billionth Canceled Email Draft!”

Leah McCormack, “Oh, Work!”

B. Kari Moore, “The Indifference of Food”

Glen Pourciau, “Bark”


Jim Davis, “Squeezing Lime to a Synthetic 80s Soundtrack”

Susan Mohammad, “Hamreen”

Dayna Patterson, “Little Sister,” “Showering + 2 Kids,” “Dontcha Hate Being a Mom?,” “Monster,” “Second Best Bed”

Rebecca Givens Rolland, “After the Bee Sting,” “Openings,” “This Eye and That,” “In the Night of Mirror,” “Dream of the Great Field”


J. Scott Brownlee, “Advice to Lassoed Self Attempting First Sonnets,” “Goliad Massacre”

Kevin Chopson, “February 13, 2009,” “The Truck,” “Ritual,” “Chemistry,” “The Alamo”

Kevin Grauke, “The Woods of Tawakoni”

Brian Kamsoke, “Kemp’s Ridley”

Dan Moreau, “The Anatomy of Addiction”

Brent Newsom, “Deer”

Shin Yu Pai, “Inner Space”

Matthew Spireng, “Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico”

Hillary Stringer, Novel Excerpt: Bringing Back Lard