38.1 (Fall/Winter 2014)



Amy Benson, “Wake up, Wake up”

Jennifer Bryan, “Just Beneath”

John Oliver Hodges, “Return of the Clam Lady”

Dustin M. Hoffman, “Brandy’s Streetlamp”

Sean Padraic McCarthy, “Alistair”

Jennifer Jo Moody, “Lights Out”

Vic Sizemore, “Flying J”

John Duncan Talbird, “Can’t Be Taught” 


Michael Milburn, “Fraught”


Tara Ballard, “Hannah of Jerusalem,” “It is September and You Have Run Out of Water,” “It Is Early Still,””A Mother Speaks on the Trouble with NGOs and Non-Profits,” “A Death in the Old City

Mark Jay Brewin, Jr., “Tijuana Bibles,” “Home for the Holidays,” “What Einstein Saw Before Typing Out his Theory of Relativity 1896, Journal Entry titled, Of X and Y on a city tram:,” “What’s Lost By The River,” “Santiago de Compostela”

Kevin Brown, “Alien Hand Syndrome,” “Supply and Demand,” “Split Down the Middle,” “Anosognosia,” “We Needed Some Control Questions”

Richard Carr, “Hangman,” “Ulysses,” “Will,” “Net Worth,” “Stroke”

Holly Day, “The Caveman,” “When There is Distance,” “Foster Home #1,” “Afterthoughts,” “Home”

M. Brett Gaffney, “Marbles,” “Mass Grave,” ” Through the Body Chute at Waverly Hills Sanitorium and What Alice Found There,” “Claustrum,” “Ashes”

Michael Hemmingson, “The Forlorn Heart of Gypsies,” “Three Bullfights,” “Visigoth,” “The View, and then the Ashes,” “The Scar on My Chin”

Michael Jennings, “Dancing at the Silver Dollar”

Miles Liss, “Townhomes,” “The Last Nature Poem,” “Lobsters,” “Sustainable,” “Raccoon”

John McCarthy, “-30 Degrees,” “Pickup Truck, County Fair,” “Town of People Named You,” “Just Outside Owasso”

Larry D. Thomas, “Lye Soap,” “Boar,” “Sow,” “Old Houses,” “Gravity”

Diana Reaves, “Page of Winter,” “Poem for the Road,” “How to Greet Me This Time,” “Mountain Man at Hogscald Hollow,” “The Drunk on My Porch Is Singing an Original”

William Snyder, Jr., “The Urge to Push,” “Guadalajara,” “A Girl Teaches Zen,” “What All Men Love: A Villanesmelle, or Why God is Male”

Katherine Vondy, “you were always told to never talk to strangers,” “finally, Ruth is Ruth,” “young man with steady job”